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The Community Investment Trust (CIT) builds the possibility to strengthen communities and create empowered lives. The CIT offers a long-term path to collective, communal ownership of real-estate for investors from $10 - $100 /month. Ultimately, we are committed to working together to build more productive and resilient communities across the country.

Solving asset poverty one neighborhood at a time
What is CIT

What is CIT?

The Community Investment Trust (CIT) is a low-dollar, loss protected investment opportunity for all residents. Through the CIT, investors build equity in a thriving and diverse commercial property.

The CIT aims to help all residents benefit from economic prosperity and build community connection through financial inclusion. We believe that Ownership Matters.

Our first CIT is in east Portland (Oregon) and is open to all those who live within zip codes 97216, 97230, 97233 or 97236.

Investors make money by following our Learn-Invest-Profit steps:

Through the CIT class, investors LEARN how to Move from Owing to Owning, then enroll to INVEST $10, $25, $50, or $100 per month.

As time passes, investors buy more shares in the building. During that time, the property appreciates, and the loan owed on the property goes down.

The combination of the two factors increases the value of the CIT shares.

During the year the building tenants pay rent and expenses for the property. When there is money in the end that is PROFIT, investors receive an annual dividend.

What sets the CIT model apart is that we have built-in a provision to protect the shareholder’s investment from losses through a Letter of Credit.

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